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On Sunday, 12th June 2005, I was privileged to attend the celebrations for the 150th Anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition in Australia. The order was founded by St Emilie de Vialar in France in 1832 and the first four sisters came to Western Australia just over 23 years later. The multi-media tribute above is adapted from two different productions I've produced for the sisters in recent years. The first was used at a conference of associates held in Rome in 2001 and the second was used on 24th May in the private celebrations held by the sisters here in Perth.

The celebration on Sunday was a Mass celebrated in the packed St Patrick's Basilica in Fremantle followed by a luncheon at the Italian Club in Fremantle.

One of the highlights of my day was meeting up with Sr Collette who taught me music at Sacred Heart School, Mundaring in the 1950s. She is now in her 90s and the only one of the nuns still alive who taught me.

Australian Catholics do owe an enormous debt to all the women and men who contributed so much to the lifting of Catholics into the mainstream of Australian society through the inexpensive education which was purchased through their labour on stipends. I trust this small tribute may express a small part of my thanks for the efforts you all made. The music for this tribute is by the Canadian group, The Rankin Family, who kindly allowed us to use the music without copyright payment at the original conference where it was used in Rome.

The photo below is taken from the luncheon when all the sisters present were asked to stand and receive the affirmation of the more than 200 people who assembled to celebrate this very special anniversary.

Tom Scott (aka Brian Coyne)

"In spite of all that might be said against our age,
what a moment it is to be alive in!" James McAuley