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HE CHURCH has been exposed to unprecedented media exposure in recent months with the passing of Pope John Paul II and the election of Pope Benedict XVI. Amidst all the emotional uplift we have all experienced we should not forget that all of this has been built on the often unheralded and often monotonous grind of the thousands of men and women who have toiled at the coal face of civilisation in classrooms without even the bare necessities and with people at the very margins of sustainable existence. That's where the Christian Brothers and those involved in the works of Blessed Edmund Rice are to be found.

It is good for us to celebrate in grandeur, and with these fabulous liturgies that make our collective spirits soar, but we must not forget those who make it all possible through those sacrifices that are made day-in and day-out, year-in and year-out where Mass is celebrated with a broken cup and grain that is ground with a primitive mortar and pessel, and kneaded into bread with cracked, parched hands in the backyard because people don't have even a kitchen in the sense we use that word.

If this edition of Edmund Rice Network News has a theme it is this: "join us, the followers of Edmund Rice, in that challenging task of feeding the hearts, feeding the minds, and feeding the souls of God's most loved."

Brian Coyne

Quick Guide to this issue:

Mission Focus Statement Oceania: We are pleased to bring you two multi-media presentations in this edition that will also serve as resources for use on website, in workshops, liturgies and classrooms to further the work of Edmund Ignatius Rice. The first is this 3 minute "Mission Focus Statement" from the Shaping Our Future Committee. [view or download the presentation]

Vocations Multi-media: The second multi-media resource is a 60-second "commercial" or "appeal" that can be used in presentations, on websites, and in talks by anyone giving a presentation to others on Vocations or the future direction of Edmund Rice and Christian Brothers' endeavours. [view or download the presentation]

Congregation to seek NGO status at the UN in bid for children at risk: The Christian Brothers' Congregation is going to seek Non-Government Organisation (NGO) status at the United Nations in its bid to be a better advocate for the rights of children at risk. This news was recently conveyed to the brothers internationally in a joint letter signed by the Congregational Leadership Team in Rome. Br Donal Leader has been appointed the Congregation Promoter of Advocacy and Justice. We provide the full text of the letter which was published at Easter time. [full story]

Recommissioning of the Edmund Rice Centre for Social Justice: Our report also features slides from the recommissioning ceremony for the Edmund Rice Centre in the former Cleopatra Hotel in High Street, Fremantle. [full story]

Six FAQ's about the Province Formation Team: Mark McGlaughlin provides answers to six frequently asked questions about the Province Formation Team. You can find out what they do, who they are, and what they can do for you. There's also testimonials from participants in the formation programs. [full story]

Leadership Education for Justice: Caritas recently organised a workshop at John XXIII College in Perth for Leadership Education for Justice. Br Bernard White reports on the attendance of students from Clontarf, Catholic Agricultural College and Trinity who attended. [full story]

Reflection – Rottnest Island Psalm Oliver Jacobs, a Year 8 student at Aquinas, has written a beautiful reflection on Rottnest Island which we are sure you will enjoy. [full story]

Reflection – Anzac Day Mass Reflection We reprint the Mass Reflection written and delivered by Ben Clarke, College Captain, at CBC Adelaide. It was originally published in the College newsletter. [full story]

International News and Inter-Province News:

East Timor in the News thanks to Edmund Rice

An update on Kubendran's progress

Providing moral support to the guys on the front line in Africa

International Programs available to all in the Edmund Rice Network

The run-down of stories published in Edmund Rice Online in the last month

News from Around the Province:

Big Mass at St Francis Xavier Cathedral for Edmund Rice Day

National Coordinating Group of Indigenous Ministries (NCG:IM)

Introducing a new audience to the Easter story at Clontarf

The Tardun Hat — Is it art imitating nature or nature imitating art?

Wheelchairs and some new website addresses

Edmund Rice Associates meeting dates in Adelaide

Appointment of Head of Ministry — FAME Project Leader

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