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What are we going to do about this? In each minute 11 children die of hunger in the world
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HE Edmund Rice Justice Bulletin carried a provocative headline as we were going to press with this edition of Edmund Rice Network News. We have adapted it for our purposes here...

The challenges that Edmund Rice discerned he had a mission to correct in the world are no less today than they were when he was born 242 years ago. A large part of the world still hungers for food — and for those basic pre-requisites like a sense of personal dignity, self-esteem, basic education, even basic life skills that are absolutely essential for survival.

As the pages of this newsletter constantly testify, the Christian Brothers today are in the middle of a long process of discernment of seeking out where their particular charism needs most application in the world today. Men and women are still required who are prepared to sacrifice personal security and familiar surroundings to travel to remote places where there are masses of people crying out to be lifted up so that they too can grab hold of the lowest rungs of civilised society.

Those of us working in the Edmund Rice Network in an affluent, educated, socially sophisticated nation like Australia are indebted to the Christian Brothers who came to Australia over the last two centuries and lifted Catholics, and many others as well, until we could share in the basic rights and "common" wealth of this fledgling nation.

As we move forward into this third millennium of Jesus Christ we need to acknowledge our debt and support the continuing mission of Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers.

Could we suggest there are two basic things that lay members of the Edmund Rice Network might focus on as you reflect on the stories in this newsletter:

  1. We are in a long process of discernment also as we take over the legacy of what those pioneer brothers built in Australia and provide new focus for the particular challenges our own nation faces today in an increasingly secularised world. The Christian Brothers may have provided us with the basic life skills but our nation today continues to face a form of spiritual poverty that our Church is increasingly challenged in addressing.

  2. What can we do to encourage, and support, the new volunteers from within our society who will take up the challenges that Edmund Rice spelled out by that still ticking clock in our headline? Can you volunteer some of your time to serve alongside the Brothers in these new mission fields? How can we encourage those who are called to make the life-long commitment within the constraints of religious vows?

To read the original article from the Edmund Rice Justice Bulletin click HERE.

Quick Guide to this issue:

11 people die of hunger in the world each minute: The Edmund Rice Justice Bulletin reports that Brazilian President Lula da Silva recently urged world leaders to intensify their efforts to reduce global poverty in the face of concerns that the UN is falling behind in its stated target of halving world poverty by 2015 and in the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals. [full story]

Tardun Promotional Video: Tony Goodwin is a film maker. He's also a teacher at St Paul's College, Gilles Plains. Over the last year he has been busy putting together a 20 minute promotional film about Christian Brothers Agricultural School at Tardun. We are pleased to bring you a small 3 minute clip from that movie and you might like to browse some of the images from the video showing some more static glimpses of life on this very special farm. [full story]

Justice for the East Timorese: Br Russell O'Brien is the force behind an social justice initiative to get a fairer deal for the East Timorese people from oil and gas deposits in the Timor Sea. He forwarded to us this address by Sr Susan Connelly from the Mary MacKillop Institute for East Timorese Studies which explains the issues in considerable detail. You can find much more useful information on the www.saveeasttimor.org website. [full story]

Getting Better and Better: If we might be so bold: these letters from Br Tony Shanahan in East Africa just keep getting better and better. The world seems to be re-discovering the art of letter-writing through the advent of the internet. This is probably a good thing as sitting down to write something brings more deliberation into our thinking than face-to-face conversation. There are so many subtle insights in his observations that are well worth mulling over. [full story]

Indigenous Youth Leaders: 25 students from Trinity College, Christian Brothers College Fremantle, Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon, Christian Brothers Agricultural School Tardun and Clontarf Aboriginal College took part in a recent Indigenous Youth Leadership Workshop. Campus Minister, Br Bernard White, provides a report on how it all went. [full story]

Reflection – The Importance of Time: This is one of those email messages that does the rounds inviting you to pass it on to your friends. The message in this one is well worth the time in quietly reading it though... [full story]

Knowing Self – the starting point to all else: Brian Coyne provides an overview on both the whole Qavah spirituality program and the recent residential in Adelaide. [full story]

Br Bernard White's perspective on Vocations: The Coordinator for Vocations for Holy Spirit Province, Br Bernard White was recently invited to give a talk at Manning Parish. Here are his interesting personal reflections and some thought-pr0voking comments on the challenge the Church currently faces in attracting vocations. [full story]

International News:

Retired teachers wanted for 3 months in Papua New Guinea

Opening of a new novitiate in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Oceania Conference announced for 2006 — "Shaping Our Future"

The Tribute paid to Edmund Rice by this Confessor

News from Around the Province:

It's all happening (The Province Leader's latest report)

ER Network Retreat last weekend was "highly successful"

Solidarity strong at Melbourne Indigenous Ministries' Conference

Notice of new publication: History of Mount Saint Mary's

Earlier Edition of this Newsletter: The front page and editorial of the earlier issue of this edition which was published on 2 October can be found here. [full story]

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