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HE stunning image of the moon that we've used to illustrate this edition of ERNN was taken with the new Astonomical Telescope at CBC Adelaide. It is a very simple image but it can lead us to reflect on many things — from the wonder of modern education being able to provide a 14 year old student with the ability to take photographs like that, to the wonder that humankind will soon be exploring the moon again in person, to the wonder of the creative genius of the One who thought the whole of Creation up.

It seemed an appropriate metaphor for this newsletter though where a common theme seems to emerge out of all of the articles of "getting everything in the right perspective". Isn't that what each of our lives are about?

Br Rod Ellyard's report of the recce to the Philippines must read like some of the reports that were sent back to Rome and Ireland 150 years ago before the Christian Brothers first came to meet the needs of Catholics in Australia. The situation in the Philippines contrasts so markedly with the good fortune we enjoy in Australia today.

This edition is packed with inspiring stories as a glance down this index will show.

Quick Guide to this issue:

Br Rod Ellyard's feedback from the Philippines trip: Br. Steve McLaughlin from St Francis Xavier Province and Br Rod Ellyard from Holy Spirit Province visited the Philippines for three weeks from 8th July on behalf of the Congregation to explore the possibility of future missionary outreach to the poor in the more remote parts of this developing country. Br Rod Ellyard reports on their visit. [full story]

Launch of Charter for Edmund Rice Schools: We provide coverage in words and pictures of the recent launch events in Perth and Adelaide of the Charter for Edmund Rice Schools in Holy Spirit Province. [full story]

14 candidates discerning their vocations in Africa: Br Tony Shanahan continues to provide us with insightful reports of his experiences with a group of young African men who are discerning their vocations. [full story ]

Two Reflections worth reading: It is perhaps no surprise that within a community such as ours we keep coming across really interesting reflections. In this edition of ERNN we have two that we came across in recent editions of college newsletters. The first on "The Importance of Being" is from Andrew Kania at Aquinas who is establishing some sort of reputation for this as we were attracted to another of his reflections in the last edition. The second, which you will find BELOW, is from Br Michael Flaherty, Counsellor at CBC Wakefield Street. He writes on the "touchy" subject of the merits of "four hugs a day". [full story]

News from Around the Province:

Changing faces at Westcourt!

Here's a new idea for maintaining contact with former students

CBC Adelaide astronomers experience Cassini in Canberra

Province Archivist provides an update...

Qavah participants off to Adelaide for the second Residential

Clontarf boys beat the Victorians

Edmund Rice Camps (SA) City-Bay Fun Run – 19th September

International News:

Celebration of 160th Anniversary of the Death of Edmund

National Coordinating Group of ER Network meets in New Zealand

International re-organisation of the Brothers

Latest from the CLT (Rome) website: The Congregational leadership of the Christian Brothers joined with other faith leaders in signing a letter sent to the leaders of the world’s richest nations (G8 nations) prior to their recent meeting at Sea Island, Georgia. Whilst acknowledging the positive effects of the partial cancellation of the Third World Debt that followed the Jubilee 2000 campaign the letter went on to point out that: "millions of people remain imprisoned by unjust debt service payments. This unjust debt burden is overwhelming and servicing this debt literally takes food, shelter, health care, education and social services directly from the people that need them most, effectively denying economic and social human rights to the world's majority". The full text of the letter can be found at the website of the Congregational Leadership Team: http://edmundclt.org

Edmund Rice Justice Bulletin: Those who have supported the initiatives for a better deal for East Timor in the border negotiations with Australia can take heart that their efforts are bearing fruit. News in recent weeks indicates that the Australian government is taking a much more compassionate position and the East Timorese Foreign Minister, Jose Ramos Horta, has expressed satisfaction after the latest round of negotiations. To keep abreast of social justice issues discussed within an Edmund Rice context you might bookmark the Edmund Rice Justice Bulletin.

Brochure Now Available: A brochure for the new spirituality program being offered by the Presentation Sisters, Christian Brothers and Presentation Brothers is now available on-line. The retreat will be conducted in Ireland between 3-25 July 2005 and is open to all interested in the spirit and work of Edmund Rice and Nano Nagle.

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