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TN A REFLECTION written for the Brothers’ Newsletter, the Province Leader, Br Kevin Ryan, asks his confreres to reflect on what they are endeavouring to achieve. He writes: “if we define ourselves by what we do rather than who we are, we are doomed to despair”.

His thoughts might be taken up more generally by all of us in the wider Edmund Rice Network. Our lives can be divided into four parts: the physical, the emotional, the intellectual and the spiritual. Full maturity as a human person is a process of nurturing the growth of each of these parts in harmony with the whole.

Our objective as people working under the charism of Edmund Rice is to develop this harmony within ourselves and to pass on the insights to others who are searching for the sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

This web edition of Edmund Rice Network News provides the full text of Br Kevin’s reflection on “life in the Spirit”. But we have plenty more as our index below will show...

Quick Guide to this issue:

Editorial: Br Kevin Ryan's thoughts on the Spiritual Challenge for the Edmund Rice Network [more]

Qavah: Shaun Clarke and Brian Coyne provide reports on the First Qavah Residential held in Brisbane in the week after Easter [more]

Artwork you can borrow: You can borrow some of the beautiful artwork of Sieger Köder: Br Tony Shanahan brought back some magnificent posters from his sabbatical last year. You can borrow the posters or copies on powerpoint. Check it out here.

Edmund Rice Day 2004: Check out the slide show of images taken by Terry Casey and Peter Thrupp at the Edmund Rice Day celebrations at Mirrabooka on 2nd May. [more]

Formation: We present here two contrasting perspectives on formation by Mark McGlaughlin, the newly appointed Director of Formation for Holy Spirit Province, and by Br John Webb, the newly appointed Vocations Coordinator for South Australia. [more] Here's an executive summary of their arguments:

In his essay Mark laments feelings of negativity that some people have when it comes to formation. The challenge he suggests is in us being able to find a common vocabulary that is able to transcend different age ranges and the diversity of personal experience that people working in Edmund Rice Ministries bring to their particular work and mission. [more]

Br John Webb’s reflection is focused in particular on the needs of young people engaged in Edmund Rice Camps as volunteers. He takes up some of the issues raised by Br Kevin Ryan in our last newsletter in his challenge to volunteers. [more]

International Stories:
I. Christian Brothers & Edmund Rice Network urged to take up campaign for the Rights of the Child. [more]
II. Are you interested in joining an international community at Mt Sion in Ireland? International opportunity for both religious and lay people. [more]
III. Update on Christian-Presentation Brothers' co-operation. A new joint letter from the Congregational Leaders. [more]

East Africa – the new "front line": The African continent is emerging as one of the new "front lines" in the work of the Christian Brothers in providing hope to the marginalised through education. East Africa in particular is where Holy Spirit Province is finding its outreach focus with a number of Brothers from here now working there. We have two separate reports from Br John Carrigg which will provide you with some understanding of the work going on there. Br Tony Shanahan has also sent us photographs from Engosengiu Primary School in Arusha. School and parish lay groups here in Holy Spirit Province who are assisting financially with this work are mentioned in these reports. [more]

Letter from PNG: Br Trevor Gibbons is a great supporter of this newsletter and enjoys all the news of going's on from all of you in the Holy Spirit Province. He shares here some excerpts from his diary which might be of interest to you. [more]

News from Around the Province:

The new “front face” at Westcourt [more]

Olly gets Latham's support [more]

Helping kids at the margins (Eddy's Carpentry Workshop) [more]

Computer classes at ERC Mirrabooka [more]

What Peter Faulkner's been up to in Adelaide [more]


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