Edition 2 : June 2001

Greetings all and welcome to this second email edition of Edmund Rice News.

The scene above was taken during the meeting of Province Leaders from Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand held at Canterbury University, NZ in April. A beautiful autumn scene it shows participants walking in the gardens of the university during one of the quiet times for personal reflection.
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Foundation Edmund Rice Spirituality
Report PLTs Meeting in NZ

Olive Harvest at Catholic Agricultural College, Bindoon

Governance Conference, Queensland

Eddy's Carpentry Workshop -- Volunteers required

Kev Paull finishes History and sends greetings from
the UK

2002 Bicentenary of Edmund Rice -- Update from Dublin

Sabbath Group Update

Edmund Rice Centre Update & Request for Household Goods & Volunteer Teachers

In the news...

  Edition 2: June 2001
Welcome to our second edition of Edmund Rice Email News. As usual we have more news than space to publish it -- even on the web. Our congratulations to all those people who have managed to make our news pages and help spread the marvellous work that is being done in so many diverse areas of the life of our community. The communities of Western Australia and South Australia served by the Edmund Rice Family today face new challenges that are no lesser in magnitude than those faced by the Christian Brothers who have followed in the footsteps of Edmund Rice for the past 200 years. The challenge of bringing the light of Christ into educated, affluent and socially sophisticated communities in language that intersects with the challenges and joys ordinary people experience in their lives is a new situation facing the Church. It is evident we do not yet have answers that are meeting the challenge as so many people have been turning away from the pathways offered by the Church. The process of discernment and discussion that will help us meet these challenges is on-going and the many initiatives being undertaken by members of the Edmund Rice Family are surely, with the grace of God, leading us in the right direction where our patience and diligence will soon be rewarded.

NZ Meeting advances discussion on Foundational Edmund Rice Spirituality

By Br Pat Kelly cfc

On Saturday April 21st all the Leadership Teams from Australia, PNG and NZ, joined by Edmund Garvey, assembled in Christchurch for a Gathering on Core and Continuity -- Towards Foundational CB Spirituality. The pace of proceedings during the next six days was placid, steady and sensible, yet there was a searching that was focused and intense. All were constantly involved in group work. Restructuring, which surfaced as a major issue in both the recent Province Days, occupied face-to-face contact time and quiet contemplative periods.

Frank Andersen and Madeline Barlow, our facilitators, skillfully wove the business material into the nightly Eucharistic liturgies. While there was a business component for the conference and it got well attended to, it was the element of Eucharist which captured the spirit and remains with us as the most significant feature of our Gathering. Those of us who attended the conference are eagerly looking forward to once again being guided through what Eucharist means for us by Frank Andersen and Madeline Barlow, at the coming Retreat in Perth from July 7-13.

Participants at the NZ PLT Gathering: Back Row: Pat Kelly (WA-SA), Tony Shanahan (WA-SA), Joe Lauren (NZ), Michael Godfrey (Vic), Bill Tynan (Q), Paul Robertson (NZ), Peter Dowling (V), Michael Leonard (V), Kevin Ryan, Julian McDonald (NSW), Andrew Simpson (PNG), Vin Duggan (PNG), Moy Hichen (NSW), Norm Gilles (NZ), John O'Shea (NSW), Peter Richardson (Vic - Secretary), Peter Nicholson (National Formation Co-ordinator ERF), Steve McLaughlin (Q), Paul Oakley (NSW), Frank Perkins (NZ).
Front: Kevin Delaney (V), Laurie Needham (NSW), Luke Quinn (Q), Peter Negus (WA-SA), Edmund Garvey, Fr Frank Andersen (Facilitator), Len Marshall (Q), Peter Clinch (V), Sr Madeline Barlow (Facilitator).

You sent your Spirit to be forever present in your Church.

Help us to treasure the faith of our ancestors --
people like Edmund Rice who lived their Christianity openly and courageously,
May we draw strength from their example as we live our faith. Amen.

Opening prayer from Chapter One "Growing in Faith" of "God is in the Ordinary" by Teresa Pirola

Olive Harvest at Catholic Agricultural College, Bindoon

By Shendelle Mullane

While most broadacre farmers are busy getting this year's crop in the ground, students at Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon have nearly completed their first harvest for the season -- olives.

Groups of six students have been harvesting around 250 kilos per day with pneumatic rakes, then sorting and washing the fruit and putting it through the Olio Mio stainless steel, mechanical oil press.

CAC Bindoon's olive expert, Br Francis Donohoe, said the olive oil making process was all natural, essentially like making natural fruit juice. The end product is an extra virgin olive oil.

"The main variety of fruit is Verdale and there is also some Sevillano, or Queen of Spain. This fruit has about a 10 per cent oil content so with a total harvest of about one to one-and-a-half tonnes of fruit, we should produce around a total of 150 kilos of oil or about 200 litres," he said.

"The best results are achieved if the fruit is processed as soon as it is harvested. Consequently we have a small number of students harvesting at any one time as the oil press can only handle around 250 kilos a day. However, all the Year 11 and 12 students had an opportunity to learn the process as they have all spent a day in the olive grove."

Unfortunately, about 25 per cent of this year's crop was lost to parrots a few weeks ago and some of the remaining fruit was water stressed due to the long dry spell. Hand picking of green-ripe fruit destined for pickling occurred in early April. About 450 kilos of olives are currently submerged in a vinegar/salt-solution and spice mix and will be bottled at the end of the month.

The olive oil production is a joint venture between CAC Bindoon and Mr Ian Rowe of Fulcrum Enterprises. Mr Rowe has been involved in rejuvenating the College's groves for the past four years and he supplies the equipment used to produce the olive oil.

The olive groves at CAC Bindoon were originally planted in 1948 and consist of some 450 trees. It is managed by Br Donohoe in partnership with Mr Rowe. The extra virgin olive oil and eating olives are available direct from Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon.

Photo: Br Frank Donohoe shows Yr 12 student Louise Stanley how to sort the olives after harvest.

Tell the rest of the Edmund Rice Community of what's happening in your sector. Send your stories to Pat Kelly or Brian Coyne. If you have photos, logos or graphics all the better.

Governance Conference, Queensland

Governance and Restructuring are two terms used frequently at national and international PLT meetings. How will our Christian Brother schools be governed in the future? The question has been around for some time now. In 1997 our Province held a symposium at Rostrevor at which Principals and Board Chairs were present. A green paper which resulted from that gathering has been the basis for further discussion by Province groups. The first National Gathering on Governance met in Adelaide last November to discuss the possibility of a unified national policy/structure of Governance for our Edmund Rice schools. A second meeting was held in February of this year in Sydney. The topic will occupy a whole day of the National Christian Brothers' Principals' Conference in Adelaide in early June and after their last National Governance meeting in Melbourne in August, the committee will report to the ILC (Interprovince Leadership Committee) in November, 2001.

Photo: Third National Conference on Governance, Indooroopilly Queensland, May 10-12, 2001: L-R Pat Kelly, Michael Thurnber (FacilitatorJ, Bill Wilding (Principal St Kevin's Toorak), Peter Harney (Holy Spirit/ SFX), Paul Oakley (NSW), Peter Cannon (Vic), Michael Leonard (Vic), Elizabeth Dodds (SFX), Luke Quinn (SFX), John Henry Thornber (NSW), Brendan McManus (Principal St Joseph's Gregory Terrace Q), Dean McGlaughlin (Principal Rostrevor).

Can you help...

Can you help out at Eddy's Carpentry Workshop?

Br Peter Thrupp is looking for a volunteer or two to help in Eddy's Carpentry Shop. He told ERFN, "I work at the shop with Kids at risk on Monday Wednesday and Friday. I'm OK for Monday but would love to have some keen person for a couple of hours on either of the other two days."

If any one out there is interested in helping out just ring Peter after hours on 9247 3657.

You don't have to be an expert carpenter -- just happy to be with Kids.

Kev Paull finishes History of Brothers in WA and sends greetings from UK

Br Kevin Paull left Perth at Easter time after a flurry of endeavour to put the finishing touches to his popular history of the Brothers in WA 1894-1994.

Morning teas at Westcourt miss the exuberance of Kev recounting one of his many stories. No doubt the corridors of Hawkstone Hall are echoing to laughter as he embellishes his stories and holds attention with his facial expressions. He writes:

"Greetings from .... Wait for it .... Sunny England. Apart from a few cloudy days the weather has been delightful.
Hawkstone Hall is a stately English home that has its origins in Elizabethan times. The first owner was the first Protestant Mayor of London.
I read the paper in the morning room which looks out on a lawn that sweeps up to the horizon, filled with gardens of trees and daffodils.
I half expect to see Jane Austen come in for morning tea. The lectures are great. So far they have been on human development.
So I'm finding myself again! I enjoyed the trip over. At Singapore my seat was upgraded to business class so I was wined and dined across the skies; more importantly there was so much room. Regards to all."

2002 Bicentenary of Blessed Edmund Rice

By Donal O'Callaghan -- Edmund Rice Office, Dublin

The Edmund Rice Office, Dublin is engaged, on behalf of the Blessed Edmund Rice National Committee and in association with the International Bicentennial Committee (IBC), in planning a series of special events and initiatives to mark the bicentenary of the foundation of the Christian and Presentation Brothers.

While a number of events to mark this highly significant occasion are being planned on a national basis by the National Committee, the IBC, assisted by its Executive Co-ordinator, Br Daryl Barclay an Australian, currently based in Dublin, will direct its focus upon the international aspect of the bicentenary.

An international event to be held in Dublin over the weekend beginning April 5th will be a peak event of the 2002 celebrations and it is envisaged that members of the Edmund Rice family worldwide will congregate in Dublin over this weekend to celebrate this important milestone. A pilgrimage package eitherside of this event is also planned

The IBC is working closely with the Blessed Edmund Rice National Committee in relation to a number of common agenda items. The National Committee has established a number of sub-committees to progress initiatives on a number of fronts including those with special a special focus on schools, youth and Brothers and families.

Calendar of Events

Launch 2002 January 16 MIE, Dublin
International ER Camps January Australia
St. Patrick's Day Parades March 17 Dublin &Cork
General Chapter March Rome
Edmund Rice Pilgrimage (1) April 1 - 4 Various sites in Ireland
International Event April 5 - 7 RDS, Dublin
Edmund Rice Pilgrimage (2) April 8 - 11 Various sites in Ireland
National ER Awards May 2 Tallaght Arena
Feast Day Celebrations May 4 - 5 Local areas
Knock Pilgrimage May 11 Knock
Walk 2002 May 31 - Jun 3 Kilkenny/Waterford
Trasna July Emmaus, Swords
Brothers and Families April Regional gatherings
Leadership Pilgrimage 2002 July Toronto
World Youth Day July Toronto
National Gathering of ER Camp Leaders September Dublin
Youth Forum September 17 Dublin Castle
National Brothers & Families October 19 Waterford
ER Bicentennial Lectures November Dublin
Closing Event December Dublin

The specially designed logo at right will be used in conjunction with 2002 celebrations worldwide.

The theme for the year has also been articulated in a mission statement which may be summarised in the following sentiments:

                      Remembering the Past
                                   Living the Present
                                                Seeking the Future

The latest information 2002 Bicentennial plans can be accessed through a new dedicated Bicentenary website at: www.edmundrice2002.com

A new version of the Office newsletter, now known as Network News and produced in collaboration with the Christian Brothers' Communications office, is now available from the Office at St. Patrick's, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9, Ireland or online on the Office website www.er-in.com.

It is hoped that this latest newspaper-style publication will contribute to the growth of the Edmund Rice Network and will prove to be a valuable resource for the members of the Edmund Rice Family in Ireland and internationally.

NOTE: A national Bicentennial Committee chaired by Michael Dredge (St Mary's Province) will be coordinating the Australian celebrations and separate committees will be established in each Province. The Holy Spirit Province Committee is still to be convened. An Australian version of the Bicentennial Logo is also being produced for use in this country.

To add your name to the email list:

This year the hard-copy edition of Edmund Rice News will be published three times but the email edition will be published each month. The hard copy edition is for archival purposes and for community reception areas and for those who do not have access to email. It will contain a summary of what is published in the email edition. Costs are largely what dictate this editorial change. It costs us literally cents in distribution costs to send out an email edition to as many people as we like. Each hard copy edition costs in the order of $1 per copy for distribution.

We do need to build up our email database. To make sure you receive the email edition in colour send your email address to briancoyne@viastuas.net.au. Let us know if you would like to receive the full email in html format ­ i.e. with all photographs and graphics ­ or a text message directing you to a website where it can be viewed through a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Sabbath Group Update

You may have seen the name or even know some of the Sabbath Group members but know little of its purpose or role.

In 1997, the first Sabbath Group, consisting of nine Brothers was selected. Its principal purpose was to (among four Terms of Reference) foster and support the spiritual formation of the Brothers and the ERF. One of the main early tasks was the organisation of the 1999 Assembly.

Before a year was out the Sabbath Group realised it needed to co-opt ERF members to prepare for the Assembly. Onny Brown (SA), Rob Marshall and Jill Parker (WA) were asked to join the Assembly committee.

Following the great success of the 1999 Assembly, the PLT decided to incorporate ERF members into the Sabbath Group. A feminine presence, together with ERC members representing our younger members, were the required 'ingredients'.

The 2001 Sabbath Committee is: Brs Kevin Ryan (Chair), Peter Negus, Gerry Faulkner, John Ahern, Steve Bowman, Tony Hackett, Mesdames Jill Parker and Onny Brown, and Messrs Rob Marshall, Richard Mavros and Fernando Farrugia.

The committee meets four times a year - March 19, May 11, August 18, November 16. At the March 19 meeting topics such as Dadirri, Retreats, ERF Links (WA) and Brokers (SA), Chapters, ERF National Gathering (July 5-8), proposed ERC 2002 Bicentennial Celebrations and a proposed Pilgrimage were discussed.

Edmund Rice Centre:

An initiative of the Christian Brothers and volunteers from the Edmund Rice Family supporting newly arrived refugees from the former Yugoslavia, Central and Western Africa and parts of the Middle East.


Items do not need to be matching sets but in good order.
Larger household items in good condition that you wish to donate would also be appreciated.

Volunteer Teachers Needed...

We are currently interested in hearing from any part-time, semi-retired and retired teachers who might be prepared to do some voluntary teaching of small groups (6-10) of Adults who have come to Perth as Refugees Humanitarian Entrants).
Volunteers are required for a minimum of 2 hours per week during school term. Teachers do not necessarily have to be trained ESL teachers. Appropriate support and materials are provided by the Centre.

Phone Br Steve on 9440 0625 or
email him at: sbowman@westnet.com.au

In the news...

Reproduced here are three recent stories for the media featuring members of the Edmund Rice Family...

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