Edition 19: May 2005 Holy Spirit Province

Praise and thanks to you Dear Lord
For all the natural beauty you have given us.
Praise to you Dear Lord for giving us Rottnest Island.
For the wonderful and glorious ocean that
Surrounds this place of peace, we thank you.

For the sun that illuminates the Island shores
Like candles in the night, we thank you for your
Direction, warmth and hope, we thank you.
For the moon that shone down on us
While we slept, we thank you.

For the rocky outcrop cliffs that provided shelter from the rain
And provided us with a lookout for all to see
What you have created for us, we thank you.

For the reefs that you have made so
Beautiful, colourful and vibrant, we thank you.
For the bays of clear blue water that you made
For us to swim and play in, we thank you.

The land and ocean wildlife that made Rottnest
A beautiful, peaceful and relaxing place, we thank you.
For the luscious trees and hardy bushes
That the wildlife used as their habitat, we thank you.

For the cool white sand that lies across the
Beach, in the water and on the land, which we rest on, we thank you.
For the beautiful clear skies that light up in the
Afternoon and the wonderful colours that fill the sky, we thank you.

For the fish that fill the ocean as targets for
Fishermen to catch and bring back to eat, we thank you.
For the seaweed and rocks in the ocean beds that provide
A safe and comfortable home for the fish, we thank you.

Thank you Dear Lord for Rottnest Island
And all its features, we thank you.

Written by Oliver Jacobs, Year 8, Aquinas College
Originally published in "The Aquinian", 4th May 2005


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