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    Posted by James on October 15, 2003, 6:46 am

Hi Brian

: What is so powerful about this documentary,
: despite what those like Pete and James are
: trying to impute, is that that little gem
: would not have been obtained by any form of
: deceit or trickery on the part of the
: journalist.

Pardon? I must confess I am confused as to why I merit a mention in this paragraph!

: We will either be out
: looking for a new Church or this truly will
: bang the Church back onto the pathway of
: Vatican II

When did it leave the pathway?

as the bishops of the world
: originally discerned the Church needed to
: move along.

Assuming this has happened recently, I thought one of the last ones alive (one of the main drafters of Gaudium et Spes) was none other than JP2.


PS I haven't yet read the transcript but hope to do so tomorrow.

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