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    this is bigger than Trujillo, bigger than Pell !
    Posted by Michael B Kelly on October 14, 2003, 11:07 pm


I share your hope that Pell, and many others, will both take Lopez-Trujillo to task AND make sure an apology and correction is made in the public arena. I also hope he will ensure that ACCURATE scientific information about the latex barrier of condoms is IMMEDIATELY rushed to church workers and clergy throughout the world, with the Papal command that they give this correct information to the people they may have misled, and who may be avoiding condoms because they believe they do not protect against the virus.

Anything less would not only be insufficient but immoral.

However, I will not hold my breath. Pell is already a member of the Presidential committee of the pontifical council for the family and a close associate of Lopez-Trujillo. The false information about condoms has clearly been spread widely to church workers and clergy for some time - and the only probably source is the Vatican - more specifically the council for the family and Lopez-Trujillo.

It is inconceivable that these views, which Trujillo himself attributes to Vatican approved doctors, have been spread far and wide throughout the networks of Catholic AIDS workers, without many other senior people in the Vatican, and in the council for the family, knowing about it. Trujillo is not standing alone here - who else in the Vatican and its councils has known for some time that these false claims were being spread to church AIDS networks and to church leaders throughout the world? What have they done about it?

George Pell should be asked what he already knew about Trujillo's claims, if he knew they were being spread around the world, if he supports them - and what he intends to do now that they have been exposed.

I repeat - it is not only clear but inconceivable that Trujillo is standing alone here . This is a Vatican scandal, a church-wide scandal - not just the ignorant remarks of one cardinal. Where are the documents that have spread these ideas to Nicaragua, the Phillipines and Africa? who has given the speeches or written the letters with the "science" of the Vatican's doctors attached? How many Vatican and other church leaders agree with these claims? Has anyone of them objected to them being spread?

This is bigger than Lopez-Trujillo, and bigger than George Pell - but both of them, and many other church leaders need to face some very hard questions.

Trouble is - who has the guts to ask them?


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