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    Hear! Hear! The cardinal HAS to clean this up. It is serious!
    Posted by BrianC on October 14, 2003, 4:59 pm

I have, as yet still not had time to read the full transcript. I did read the first three pages though and I am confident I am not going to have to be "picking up feathers". This matter is exceedingly serious for the Church but, sadly, I do not think that a lot of bishops will really understand how serious it is. They simply do not understand science and how it nuts things out. As I wrote in response to Grahame's excellent observation yesterday about the lack of training in the natural sciences in seminaries, if they viewed the program and the particular remark that is causing so much heat all around the world they would tend to say "oh well, it is just another opinion. We are entitled in the Church you know to have different opinions to everybody else." and then dismiss it as some kind of storm in a tea-cup. The funny thing is they object when the world outside does not want to think about how truth is established in the theist frame of reference.

When the Church crosses over into the scientific frame of reference to conduct an argument it does have to respect how truth is established in that frame of reference. This is particularly so if they wish the world to come to understand and respect the frame of reference in which matters of faith are established as "truths".

I repeat again: what the cardinal is saying is not merely a matter that can be handled in the category of "opinion". He is playing with objective, observable, scientific truth. This is as sacred as Divine Revelation because it is revealed to us by God so that all (reasonably intelligent or educated) people might see it with their own eyes.

The funny thing is, and this thought occurred to me last night, the irony is that probably the one person in the whole of the Australian hierarchy who might really appreciate the seriousness of what has gone on here is Cardinal-elect Pell. He does understand the scientific frame of reference and I just hope to God that he does raise his voice to Rome because it does carry some weight there and, in this doman, I am certain he will understand the error that has been made and why it is going to make it so much more difficult for the Church to get the legitimate messages across that she does want to be getting across. Fortunately he will be going to Rome next week where he can make his feelings known directly to those who might be able to make a difference.

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