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    How the Church contributed to "the sexual revolution"
    Posted by Credo on October 12, 2003, 10:12 pm


Thankyou for the quote from Weigel. You've shared it before, and it is - to my mind - an honest assessment. However, it does not follow that the "pastoral and catechetical failure" of Humane Vitae means that the Church shares in culpability for the world's current sexual ills. I don't see how this position - a contention of yours you've shared in the past - is a reasoned one.

So the church failed in teaching HV; a failure evident by the public rejection of it by many Catholics. We - the Church - failed in fully understanding, adopting, and applying HV's messages to our lives. That doesn't mean that HV is incorrect however. As a teacher I know that if my students fail to understand the content of the curriculum it doesn't mean that the curriculum is wrong - it means that I need to re-evaluate how I teach.

What I see JPII's Theology of the Body as, basically, is a renewed teaching of HV. TotB has met and is meeting with much success around the world. TotB is very traditional but hardly conservative; no conservative would imagine, for instance, that the Pope would freely discuss the importance of foreplay, and the husband's responsibility to ensure his wife's sexual pleasure, yet TotB does just this!

If we agree that HV was a failure in the way it was taught (which I think is recognised almost universally), then I do not see how it follows that the rise in divorce, the free availability of abortion, the spread of AIDS and the problems associated with promiscuous sexual activity are the Church's fault.

Could you please explain to me how you've reached this conclusion?



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